Administrative Law

Administrative law encompasses everything having to do with the acts of governmental authorities, hence the importance of knowing, understanding, and interpreting said acts in order to know what obligations and rights your company has before all three levels of government – local, state and federal.

Our attorneys perform an analysis of the projected or current operations in order to identify the applicable licenses, permits, and requirements, and thus prepare the best compliance strategy for your operations.

Our Firm also addresses and negotiates with the applicable authorities in any administrative proceedings involving  your company based on its operations in Mexico.

Administrative law covers the following aspects:

  • Analysis and negotiation of public works contracts.
  • Preparation of the documentation needed to take part in federal, state, and municipal public bidding processes.
  • Advising and preparation of documentation to obtain concessions.
  • Advising for the privatization of State-owned companies.
  • Preparation of requests for environmental permits.
  • Advising and defense before the Federal Competition Commission.
  • Preparation and filing of reports and records with federal, state, and municipal agencies.
  • Advising in the areas of mining, natural resources, fuels, communication channels, and transportation.

Our attorneys will analyze the operations your company proposes to undertake in Mexico in order to identify all applicable regulatory requirements.

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