Fiscal Law

In Mexico tax law is diverse and variable.

Frequent legislative reforms and new fiscal assessments require taxpayers to keep updated in order to avoid failures to comply and the risk of sanctions.

At the same time, government oversight activities are ever more constant and in-depth.  The technology available to the authorities is highly sophisticated and, along with information-sharing practices among financial entities, allows rapid and accurate determination of a taxpayer’s fiscal situation.

As such, our clients need timely professional assistance with administrative matters in general and fiscal matters specifically, in order to have legal certainty and security with respect to the decisions made for each company or business operation.

Our Firm places at the client’s disposition a team of experienced professionals who can help them make such decisions.

The main areas of fiscal and related administrative services for our clients are listed below:

  • Consultancy on tax and social security matters.
  • Analysis of tax laws to determine its constitutionality.
  • Tax contractual operation review, planning and strategy.
  • Follow up of trials before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.
  • Lodging of administrative appeals before Tax and Social Security Authorities.
  • Follow up to requests of legal protection in administrative and tax matters.
  • Proceedings before Administrative and Tax Authorities.
  • Tax advising regarding staffing operations between companies (integration of supporting documents).
  • Tax advising regarding lending operations, capital increases and contributions for future capital increases (integration of supporting documents).
  • Advice on the Law of Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (integration of supporting documents).

Our Firm places at the client’s disposition a team of experienced professionals who can help them make decisions.

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