Cross Border Investment

Mexico receive  a great flow of foreign direct investment, much of it comes from the manufacturing sector; Thus a large number of companies arrive in our country with the intention of accessing the domestic market and / or benefiting from international trade derived from the many treaties and agreements signed, as well as its privileged geographical location.

In the area of ​​Soft Landing we are responsible for providing the legal support necessary for a company to carry out its installation process successfully in Mexico. We have extensive experience in this type of process as well as dedicated and professional staff, having helped to install a large number of international companies in Mexico in a satisfactory manner.

In RTYDC we are aware that the installation times are of vital importance for the companies, that is why we elaborate a detailed schedule of activities together with a common objective: the start date of operations.

Our services are developed with a team of experienced professionals helping the investor to establish in our country in a safe and efficient way since we are involved in all stages of the investment / installation process, from the Site Selection, to the startup of The Plant, we ensure that the company complies in time and manner its objective.

Our services range from pre-operational work such as Site Selection, management of government incentives for investment at the federal, state and municipal level, elaboration and signature of agreements with governmental authorities as well as all legal work that the project requires since the constitution of The company, the property and environmental due diligence of the Site, the elaboration and negotiation of construction contracts or any other related, individual contracts and collective labor contracts, obtaining work visas for expatriates, logistical and documentary coordination for the Import of machinery and equipment and in general any legal requirements that the company needs to assure its correct installation in our country.

We monitor compliance with all statutory provisions applicable to the various areas of the project, thus ensuring the elimination of any legal risk during the installation process.

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Mexico City Offices

Av. Insurgentes Sur N°. 688, 2º piso, interior 201-A, Colonia del Valle
Del. Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México,
C.P. 03100
Tel. +52 (55) 90-00-2332
Fax. +52 (55) 90-00-2331

Puebla Offices

31 Poniente No. 4128, Piso 9-A
Colonia Reforma Sur
Puebla, Puebla
México C.P. 72160
Tel: (52)(222) 249-8828
Fax: (52)(222) 249-2361

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